Tuesday, 19 Jan 2021

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… to the world of Greenfield Composter®!    


Eco-Industrial Management Ltd. (Eco-IM) has under the trademark Greenfield Composter® developed composting systems that treat organic waste.

Companies and corporations that specialize in recovering waste such as cities and communes, golf course maintenance, farmers, fruit and vegetable growers, wine growers and others that depend on organic fertilizer have the possibility to buy, rent or lease composting reactors (accelerators).  

In collaboration with our partners we have the ability to enter into management agreements regarding the organic waste treatment system and the delivery of biogas energy production plants*  

Eco-Industrial Management Ltd.´s aim is to convert organic waste in an environmentally sustainable way, into premium quality Greenfield Compost®, within the shortest timeframe and at less cost.

The operator profits twofold of the Greenfield Composters® through the receipt of organic waste and its professional disposal as well as through the sale of high valued Greenfield Compost®. The compost produced in accordance with the EU-directive and supplied with a quality certificate, ensures highly demanded products.      


* www.en-t-ex.com